List of my Publications and Reports

I am author or co-author to the following archaeological and astronomical papers and reports. 

Publications preceeded by an asterisk (*) concern peer reviewed publications and are grouped in the top of the listings. The non-reviewed papers concern a selection only.

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* Langbroek M.: On the 'Quartzite Palaeolithic' of the Naarder Eng (Huizen, the Netherlands): relevance of a quartzite Neolithic axe find. In: Kluiving S., Kootker L. and Hermans R. (eds.): Interdisciplinarity between Humanities and Science. A festschrift in honour of Prof. Dr Henk Kars. Sidestone Press, Leiden, 2017 (= CLUES vol. 2).

* Langbroek M.:
Do tektites really date the bifaces from the Bose (Baise) basin, Guangxi, southern China? Journal of Human Evolution 80 (2015), 175-178.

* Langbroek M.: Ice Age Mentalists: debating neurological and behavioural perspectives on the Neandertal and modern mind. Journal of Anthropological Sciences 92 (2014), 285-289.  (open access)

* Langbroek M.
: Cognitive house plans and evolutionary road maps: A reply to Garifoli’s critique of my “Trees and Ladders”. Quaternary International 299 (2013), 119-120.

Langbroek M.
: Trees and Ladders: a critique of the theory of human cognitive and behavioural evolution in palaeolithic archaeology. Quaternary International 270 (2012), 4-14.

* Langbroek M. : ‘Out of Africa’, an investigation into the earliest occupation of the Old World. BAR International Series nr. 1244, Archaeopress, Oxford (2004).

Langbroek M.
: ‘Out of Africa’, a study into the earliest occupation of the Old World. Ph.D. dissertation, Leiden University, 2003.

* Langbroek M.: The trouble with Neandertals. Archaeological Dialogues 8 (2001), 123-151.

* Langbroek M. and Roebroeks W.: ‘Extraterrestrial’ evidence on the age of the hominids from Java. Journal of Human Evolution 38 (2000), 595-600.

Verpoorte A., Langbroek M. and Voormolen B.: Het Midden-Paleolithicum van het Heuvelland. Resultaten van veldwerk te Colmont (gemeente Voerendaal). Historische en Heemkundige Studies in en rond het Geuldal 12 (2002), 133-152.

Takken L., Langbroek M., Verpoorte A. and Voormolen B.: Een vuistbijl van de Vrakelberg. Archeologie in Limburg 90 (2002), 11-14.

Langbroek M., Verpoorte A. and Voormolen B.: Colmont-Ponderosa. Het Paleolithicum van de Vrakelberg en omstreken: een verkennend onderzoek. Report to the Province of Limburg, Leiden University (2002).

Langbroek M.: De Rhoonse Baan in Albrandswaard. Een archeologisch vooronderzoek. BOORrapporten 102 (2002).

Langbroek M.: Schiedam DEMOS-terrein. Een archeologisch vooronderzoek op de toekomstige parkeerlocatie van het Vlietlandziekenhuis. BOORrapporten 101 (2002).

Langbroek M.: Spijkenisse Verpleeginrichting. Een archeologisch vooronderzoek. BOORrapporten 98 (2002).

Langbroek M.: Huilen naar de Maan. Een verkennend onderzoek naar de oriëntaties van Nederlandse hunebedden. P.i.t. (archeologische ervaringen) 1:2 (1999), 8-13.

Langbroek M.: Stonehenge van een andere kant bekeken. Continuiteit en transformatie van een megalithisch bouwwerk. P.i.t. (archeologische ervaringen) 1:1 (1999), 31-42.

Langbroek M.: Maastricht-Belvédère site H. techno-typologische analyse van een Midden-Paleolitische vuursteen scatter. Unpublished report, Universiteit Leiden (1998).


Langbroek M.: Close encounters of the classified kind. The Space Review, 3 Jul 2017.

Langbroek M.: A NEMESIS in the sky. PAN, MENTOR 4, and close encounters of the SIGINT kind. The Space Review, 31 Oct 2016.

Langbroek M.: MH17: mogelijkheid van militaire Space Based (satelliet) observaties van het afvuren van een grond-luchtraket.
Position paper ten behoeve van het rondetafelgesprek/hoorzitting "Beleidsreactie onderzoeksrapporten over MH17", blok "Radar en satellietgegevens", vaste Tweede Kamer commissie Buitenlandse Zaken, 22 januari 2016.


* Langbroek M.: Observational evidence for 'punctuated equilibria' in the evolution of Leonid dust trail widths and implications for meteor rate predictions. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 334 (2002), L16-L20.

* Jenniskens P., Lyytinen E., De Lignie M.C., Johannink C., Jobse K., Schievink R., Langbroek M., Koop M., Gural P., Wilson M.A, Yrjölä I., Suzuki K., Ogawa H., De Groote P.: Dust trails of 8P/Tuttle and the unusual outbursts of the Ursid shower. Icarus 159 (2002), 197-209.

* De Lignie M., Langbroek M., Betlem H. and Spurný P.: Temporal variation in the orbital element distribution of the 1998 Leonid outburst. In Jenniskens P., Rietmeijer F., Brosch N. and Fonda M. (eds.), Leonid Storm Research, 295-304, Kluwer Academic Publishers (2000). (Also published as: Earth, Moon & Planets 82-83 (2000), 295-304).

* Langbroek M.: Leonid outburst activity 1996: A broad structure and a first occurrence of a narrow peak of fainter meteors. Meteoritics & Planetary Science 34 (1999), 137-145. pdf through NASA-ADS

* Jenniskens P., Betlem H., De Lignie M., Langbroek M. and Van Vliet M.: Meteor stream activity V. The Quadrantids, a very young stream. Astronomy & Astrophysics 327 (1997), 1242-1252. pdf from Springer Verlag

* Jenniskens P., Betlem H., De Lignie M. and Langbroek M.: The detection of a dust trail in the orbit of an Earth-threatening long-period comet. The Astrophysical Journal 479 (1997), 441-447. pdf from ApJ

Langbroek M.: Orbit of the Glanerbrug Meteorite Revised. WGN (J. IMO) 32:5 (2004), 138-140.

Langbroek M.: A spreadsheet that calculates meteor orbits. WGN (J. IMO) 32:4 (2004), 109-110.

Langbroek M.: The November-December delta-Arietids and asteroid 1990 HA: on the trail of a meteoroid stream with meteorite-sized members. WGN (J. IMO) 31:6 (2003), 177-182.

Langbroek M. and De Lignie M.: Preliminary 1998 Sino-Dutch Expedition results on two short-lived activity peaks near nodal passage. WGN (J. IMO) 27:1 (1999), 30-32.   pdf through NASA-ADS

Langbroek M.: A small meteor outburst on June 15-16, 1996. WGN (J. IMO) 24:4 (1996), 115-118.


Note with the astronomical publications: this is a selection only. The NASA-ADS lists about 100 of my meteor-related papers, most of which were published in Radiant (J. DMS) and WGN (J. IMO) between 1990 and present. Some of these concern data analysis, some are narratives of observing campaigns, or just news pieces. Included above are those scientificly inclined WGN papers which I feel are of some relevance.

In addition to the papers listed here, I have many published asteroid astrometry and asteroid discovery reports as part of the MPC and MPEC series as well as occasional publications of meteor data in the IAU Circulars.

Discovery MPEC Near Earth Asteroid 2015 CA40

Discovery MPEC Near Earth Asteroid 2005 GG81