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PBS News Hour

18 Mar 2018 - Briefly mentioned in the New York Times about geolocating a North Korean missile launch site.

28 Feb 2018 - In PBS Newshour being interviewed by Miles O'Brien about 'open source' investigating the North Korean missile program (9-minute item with Jeffrey Lewis and me).

9 Feb 2018  - I talked with Jackie Wattles of CNN about Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster in space.

12 Jan 2018 - I talked with Mary-Beth Griggs of Popular Science magazine, resulting in a very nice article about amateur satellite tracking.

Jan 2018     - I talked with several news outlets about the SpaceX launch of the secretive Zuma satellite.

9 Dec 2017  - I talked with Bard van de Weijer of the Volkskrant about anti-satellite tests, space weapons and whether an arms race in space is upcoming.

5 Dec 2017  - Interview with CNN about my analysis of images from the North Korean ICBM test of 28 November 2017, where I found evidence of image tampering.

22 Sep 2017 - Live interview on national TV in "5 Uur Live" (RTL) about the spectacular fireball over the Netherlands of 21 September 2017.

26 June 2017 - At Naturalis Biodiversity Center, we presented the new Dutch meteorite "Broek in Waterland". In that context, I was a guest in RTL Late Night, a Live talkshow on Dutch TV, that evening. (view)

26 Jun 2017 - Live interview on NPO radio 1 about the new Broek in Waterland meteorite, and various newspaper interviews on the same topic.

1 Jun 2017  - I now formally started at Leiden University dept. of Astronomy as a consultant in a Space Situational Awareness project with the Space Security Center of the Royal Dutch Air Force.

22 Jan 2016 - I testified as an invited expert at a hearing of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Dutch Parliament, on classified military satellite systems in connection to the criminal investigation into the disaster with flight MH17 over the Ukraine in 2014.

21 Jan 2016 - On national tv in an item in Eénvandaag about the Parliament Hearing concerning flight MH17 (view)

Oct 2015     - Live on national tv in an item in RTL Z Today about the close flyby of asteroid 2015 TB145 "Spooky" (view)

Apr 2014     - On national tv in an item in Eénvandaag about meteorites and asteroid impacts (view)

Mar 2014     - On national tv in an item in Nieuwsuur about the use of satellites to find lost flight MH370 (view)

Jan 2014     - On national tv in an item in the Jeugdjournaal about the "KNAL!" weekend (mteorites) at Naturalis (view)

5 Feb 2013  - On national radio in science program Hoe?Zo! about new Neandertal dates in Iberia

Feb 2013     - Live interview on national tv in Nieuwsuur about the Chelyabinsk impact and unrelated asteroid 2012 DA14 flyby (view)

Feb 2013     - In an item on local tv station RTV West about the Chelyabinsk impact and unrelated asteroid 2012 DA14 flyby

21 Jun 2009 - On national radio in O.V.T. about Neandertals

10 Mar 2009 - On national radio in Noorderlicht about my research on Neandertal behaviour

Feb 2008     - On national tv in NOVA about the shootdown of out of control spy satellite USA 193, and on Radio 5 on the same topic.

RTL Late Night

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