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- 8 May 2021: - I was interviewed by NOS Nieuwsuur, a Dutch news backgrounds program on Dutch national tv (second video in link) about the large Chinese rocket stage that was falling back to earth.

- 7 May 2021: - I was a guest in the Live talkshow 'Beau' (RTL 4) on Dutch national tv about the large Chinese rocket stage that was falling back to earth.

- 5 May 2021: - I spoke to the NOS Jeugdjournaal (a children's news program on Dutch national tv) about the large Chinese rocket stage that is falling back to earth.

- 4 May 2021: - I was live on NPO 1 Radio News on Dutch National Radio, talking about the imminent reentry of a large Chinese rocket stage. I was also on the 5 Uur Show on Dutch tv on the same subject. And interviewed by Dolfijn FM, a radio station broadcasting on Curacao and Bonaire in the Carribean.

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At the Palindo megalith, Bada Valley, Sulawesi

Welcome to the website of Dr Marco Langbroek

I am a multidisciplinary scientist and science educator. My research topics include Palaeolithic archaeology, meteorites, asteroids and military space ("spy satelites").

RTL Late Night About me: - I am a Dutch archaeologist (PhD, Leiden University 2003) with a research focus on the Lower and Middle Palaeolithic, and a secondary interest in megaliths. I am involved in research in multiple fields of science, including asteroids (of which I discovered several) and meteorites. I track classified military satellites ("spy satellites"), analyse their behaviour, and blog about that on my SatTrackCam blog.

I have worked as an academic researcher (archaeology, meteoritics and space) at Leiden University, the VU University Amsterdam, and Naturalis Biodiversity Center (the Dutch National Museum of Natural History). In 2007, I received a VENI grant from the Dutch National Science Foundation (NWO) to study spatial behaviour and cognition of Neandertals.

I am currently working at the astronomy dept. of Leiden University as a consultant on Space Situational Awareness issues in a project with the Space Security Center of the Royal Dutch Air Force. I have a guest affiliation with Naturalis Biodiversity Center (the former Dutch National Museum of Natural History) on meteorites.

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