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Time Lapse Photography is fun. And with modern digital camera's and computer software, it's relatively easy. All it takes is patience.

Below time lapse movies were made using either a Canon Digital Ixus 400 (earlier movies) or a Canon EOS DSLR (later movies). The Ixus camera was controlled directly from the lap-top and images were directly transferred to and saved on the lap-top harddisc by means of  Cam4You Utilities software. The DSLR is controlled by an Aputure timer and runs independently. Images were batch-resized using IrfanView or Photoshop, and combined into the final .avi video file using Antechinus Animator.  The original .avi movies are all of better quality than the compressed YouTube versions shown here.

Coriander and Parsley growing  (2013)          duration 30s

11h 20m in 30 seconds
Canon EOS 60D. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Aurora Boraelis (Northern Lights) from Oulanka, Finland  (2013)          duration 1m10s

Images shot at -25 C on March 17, 2013 from Basecamp Oulanka (Juumajärvi, Kuusamo), Finland, 16 66.26 N
Canon EOS 60D. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Nocturnal sky over the Dolomite
s (2012)     duration 41 seconds

4.5 hours sequence from Aldein (1188m) from 16 Jul 2012 plus a 25 minute sequence from Rifugio Vajolet (2238m) from 23 Jul 2012 combined into 41 seconds. Canon EOS 60D. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

"Tulips"    Duration: 11 seconds

Tulip flowers opening and moving under the influence of sunlight. This is a 4.5 hour sequence at 1 images/minute (270 photographs in total) shot on January 14th 2008 (music is "Arcadia" by Kevin MacLeod)

"Dusk Approach"
   Duration: 48 seconds

The approach of dusk over my home in Leiden: with cirrus clouds that move and dissolve like cigarette smoke, aircraft shooting across the sky like shooting stars, and a brief glimpse of the setting sun.

This is a 4 hour sequence at 3 images/minute (711 photographs in total) shot on July 12th 2006. Shooting started 2.5 hours before sunset and ended 1.5 hours after sunset (music is "Village Dawn" by Kevin MacLeod)

"Good Bye Blue Sky"
   Duration: 18 seconds

This was shot on July 9th 2006 and shows flying clouds and a dramatic change in cloud cover over my home in Leiden, Holland. It is based on 264 photographs taken with 20 second intervals over a 1.5 hour period. I think I have to re-assemble the .avi with another video codec to reduce the current "blockyness" (music is by Kevin MacLeod)

"Can I Get There By Candle-light?"    Duration: 12 seconds

Shot in the evening of July 10th 2006, a concept try-out. I misprogrammed the software so the photo-session ended too early. This movie represents a 2 hour timespan in real-time and consists of 377 photographs. The melting-icecubes-in-glass concept was inspired by Clates.  Music again 
by Kevin MacLeod

"Dutch Weather"        Duration: 18 seconds

My very first time lapse movie. Low frontal clouds arriving. Shot on 7 July 2006, 1.5 hours in real-time.

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