This webpage provides estimated TLE's for selected upcoming space launches - notably classified launches, human spaceflight, and launches that overfly Europe on the first revolution.

TLE is an acronym for Two Line Elements: two datalines with parameters that describe the orbit of a satellite. See this description of the TLE format. You can use these elements to generate pass predictions for your location with, for example, HeavenSat, Orbitron, JSatTrak or my SkyTrack software.

TLE's for upcoming Starlink launches can be found on TS Kelso's Celestrak website.

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Please note that these TLE's are pre-flight estimates, and have a time uncertainty in the order of 1-2 minutes on the first revolution.

Note that the TLE's above can easily be editted to any new launch time using my TLE from Proxy program (Windows) that can be downloaded here.

Please acknowledge the source of these TLE's if you use them.

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