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NEWS: On June 21st 2009 I was a guest in the Dutch VPRO radio program O.V.T. on Radio 1, with an item about Neandertals. The podcast (mp3, in Dutch) can be listened/downloaded here. The item with me starts at 0:10:10 in the recording.

NEW (June 14 2009): asteroid named after Eugène Dubois, the father of palaeoanthropology

NEWS (10 March 2009): on March 10 I was interviewed about my archaeological research on Dutch national radio in the live VPRO science program "Noorderlicht" on Radio 1. Listen to the broadcast (in Dutch) here.

NEWS (24 August 2008): The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has officially named an asteroid after me, asteroid 183294 Langbroek! Read more here.

NEW!: My research related website www.palaeolithic.nl

NEW (Updated Feb 22 2008): I was interviewed for the well-watched news backgrounds program NOVA on our National television channel 2 yesterday, about the out of control US spy satellite USA 193 shot to pieces by the US Navy on Feb 21st. The broadcast (in Dutch) can be seen on the internet here. Earlier this month I was interviewed by the Dutch radio channel Radio 5 too. An mp3 of the broadcast (in Dutch) can be heard here, the 8-minute item about USA 193 starts at 9m15s in the recording

NEWS! (Dec 13 2007): NWO has awarded me a VENI-grant! This means that early 2008 I will start in a 4-year post-doc position at the Institute for Geo- and Bio-Archaeology (IGBA) at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam. See also my special website www.palaeolithic.nl

NEWS: I discovered my first Near Earth asteroid! See the Spacewatch FMO Project news page (entry 9th April 2005) and A/CC of 10 April 2005, as well as the official announcement by the Minor Planet Center in Minor Planet Electronic Circular 2005-G73. SW40LW is now officially designated as 2005 GG81 and is an Amor class asteroid, approximately 30 yards in diameter.